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Sending Month based campaign in adobe campaign classic


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Hi ,

Acually There is a requirement, like a month-based need to send a campaign for 7 months.
If their selected date is currently in the 3rd-month range for them, it should send a 3rdmonth email.

(For example, the selected date is September 13, 2023, and it is in date format.)

or the selected date is currently in the 4th month of difference for them, it should send a 4th month email, likewise, I'm supposed to send 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th in the same campaign workflow.

FYI, I have a column as a confirm date that has date data type.

So, does anyone have a solution?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @vani97 ,

Not sure if I get the exact requirement, but there are multiple ways to achieve it.

Take the month of the "Confirm Date" field as an additional column in "Get additional data" in Query or Enrichment.


You can either personalize your HTML based on this field, or split it as per month no. and attach multiple deliveries as per month.





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Could you Please provide step by step Approch on this
FYI-I have a one field as Confirm date Thats store date value and the format is 20/12/2023.

The Confirm Date field is in recipient Schema


Level 2

1. Make 7 email delivery .
2.After finalizing the recipients, Use split activity and add filters like month=1,month=2,month=3,month=4,month=5,month=6 and month=7.
3.Set the outbounds to corresponding email delivery.