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Refreshing Input Form On Button Click Without Closing Form


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Hello, I am running a function that will count records from a few tables and insert them into one main table. My form will then display the counts on the form. Currently the form will display all zeros even after my function has ran. The input forms do not update until I close my form and hit refresh then re-open the form.


Question is: Is there are way to refresh my entire form using a button click without closing the form itself?

Something like a form.refresh() function


I am on Adobe Campaign Classic Version 7 - Build 9187

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Hi @JaredBrown ,


Yes, it is possible. 

1) Create button. And call a function onButtonClick().

2) This function should make a call to your function which is doing the record count calculation.





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Hello thank you for your response, I cannot find any documentation for using a onButtonClick() or any type of refresh online or in the adobe classic tool.


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All im trying to do is call a refresh="true" on an <enter> or <soupCall> Tag, but neither seem to work.


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Still having this issue, I am trying to add a refresh to my <enter but it keep getting this error:


Attribute 'refresh' unknown (see definition of element '/enrichContext' in shema 'Forms')

XML-110013 Error line 380, column 73 (document with schema 'form', name 'customerRequest' and description 'Customer Request')


The code works if I remove the refresh="true" but it does not update my form unless I close out hit the green refresh on the top of the screen and reopen the form.



<container codepage="1252" colcount="1">
<input colspan="1" label="Count Records" nolabel="false" type="Button">

<enter onSuccess="Records Counted Successfully" refresh="true">

<soapCall name="countOutTables" service="ctr:customerRequest">
<param exprIn="@id" type="int"/>


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hello @JaredBrown ,


I'm facing the same issue, have you found any solution for this problem ?

if so could you please share it with me,


Thank you in advance.