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Query exported columns


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Hello, I want to see the exported Columns of a Direct Mail Delivery, but when I query the column from [output/extraction/destination/exportColumns/exportColumn/@label] i get only the first column, how can i see all the columns exported?


Thank you.

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@Heku_ ,


If you are only getting the first column when querying from `[output/extraction/destination/exportColumns/exportColumn/@label]`, it indicates that the XML structure you are accessing contains only one column label.

To see all the columns exported in the Direct Mail Delivery, you should check the XML structure to ensure that all column labels are present.

Each column label should be represented under the `exportColumn` node. It might look something like this:

<exportColumn label="Column1" />
<exportColumn label="Column2" />
<exportColumn label="Column3" />
<!-- Additional columns go here -->

Ensure all the columns you expect to be exported are listed within the `exportColumns` node. If any columns are missing, you'll need to verify the export configuration and data source settings to ensure that all the required columns are included in the export process.

If you still encounter issues, double-check the XML structure.