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Passing personalized fields to javascript API function call


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Hi Guys, 


I have email template with the feilds in recipient table like <%= recipient.firstname%>, <%=targetData.anneversary%> 


Currently I am passing email field to SubmitNotification API call like below : 


Note: When i pass @ID instead of @email  my recipient.firstname piped correctly. But the question is how can i get a personalized feild that is "anneversary" which i calculated in additional data of query activity into email template through API. Do we have any tags for this like <targetData> etc..,, 


var emailCondition = "@email = 'XXX-email from tempTable of query activity-XXX'";

var deliveryId = nms.delivery.SubmitDelivery("Email_Template_Name",
<targets >
<deliveryTarget >
<targetPart exclusion='false' ignoreDeleteStatus='false'>
<condition expr={emailCondition} />


now how to i pass the variables firstname, anneversary to this function call so that my delivery will be populated with firstname and anneversary values.?

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The SubmitNotification() method documentation explains it:


It is possible to explicity[sic] define the target (in reality the content of the file used as the target):

  <targets fromExternalSource='true'>





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I am not using the contents of external file here. All i need to do is to send the below circled variable which is just a calcualted feild in additional data to API so that it can pipe in email template : 







my javascript which i kept after a query activity : 




i want to pipe in the delivery there :