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Parametrized query issue: Error: SCR-160021 Function 'query': too many arguments (X instead of 1).


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Dear Community,


I am trying to use DBEngine query() command to select data from MSSQL database and I need to pass parameter/s to my query. I am following this tech spec - DBEngine.query() documentation.

There is an example showing how to pass a param - to do this use $(l), $(sz) as a param-holder/s (depending on param type), then pass param value/s separated by comma. Easy.

However, when I do so I get an exception: Error: SCR-160021 Function 'query': too many arguments (X instead of 1).

Where X is 2 if I pass a single param. It's 3 if I pass two params. And so on. Only query text is possible to pass as a single allowed function argument. 


This is my code lines:



var conn = application.getConnection();
result_Select = conn.query('SELECT 12345 as Col1, \'John Doe\') as Col2 WHERE 1 = $(l);', 1);



This is the exception:



Error: SCR-160021 Function 'query': too many arguments (2 instead of 1).




ACC v7.0 19.1 build 9032@d3b4522f of 01/07/2021.


Btw, the same problem for DBEngine.execute() command.


Is this a problem? Or I do something wrong?

Please help.



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Hello @igorku ,


There is issue in your query as highlighted below:



When I run the below query then it executed.

var cnx = application.getConnection()
result_Select = cnx.query('SELECT 12345 as Col1, \'John Doe\' as Col2 WHERE 1 = $(l);', 1);





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Hello Parvesh,

Thank you for detecting extra symbol, but actually I don't have it in my code. Not sure what's the problem on my end but this is what I am seeing.



On front is a Javascript code window. On back is a browser where I see the exception.

Any ideas?




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Hi @igorku 

Outside the error, why are you using JavaScript and not a Query activity within a Workflow?

In JavaScript, you would use queryDef object (https://experienceleague.adobe.com/developer/campaign-api/api/sm-queryDef-BuildQuery.html)

I would not recommend to use the DBEngine, you're exposing yourself to trouble down the line....

In your use case, why queryDef would work or Query activity in a workflow?




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We are building a webapp that requires updating several custom tables as part of a transaction.

XMLQuery does not seem to have transaction capability.



Hi @igorku,

Were you able to resolve this query or do you still need more help here? Do let us know.


Sukrity Wadhwa