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Order documentation tab of a Data Schema based in an attribute


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Lets say I've a data schema with these attributes:

<attribute label="A" name="A" type="string" desc="2"/>

<attribute label="B" name="B" type="string" desc="1"/>


In the documentation tab of the data schema, this will be ordered alphabetically using the SQL Field, so it would be 

First attribute: sA

Second attribute: sB


Is there any way to order the Documentation based in the "desc" field?

Thank you in advance!

@ParthaSarathy @Manoj_Kumar_ 


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Hello @CampaignerForLife


Can you please explain what the exact use case or task is for which you need to sort the data based on the description?


As far as I know, Adobe Campaign sort the data alphabetically based on the SQL field column. It is fully out of box functionality and not sure if you can change it.


If you need to sort the data based on the description field outside of Adobe Campaign, you can copy the data to an Excel file and sort it there.

I hope this information is helpful.


Best regards,



Community Advisor

Hi @CampaignerForLife ,

The documentation tab in schema use schemaDocumentation.jssp to render the document structure.

And this schemaDocumentation.jssp is an out of the box Dynamic JavaScript pages, which you can find under /Administration/Configuration/Dynamic JavaScript pages/


But, we don't have rights to edit it. So by default it will be sorted based on 'SQL field' only.




ParthaSarathy S