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Offer Eligibility dynamic query retrieval


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I have a requirement to extract the dynamic query condition that is a part of the offer eligibility criteria



we can get this in the offer table. 



But want to retrieve the humanCond and then query the same in the query activity. 


Requesting for any suggestions on how to read the dynamic entries and query the same in the query activity. 



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Hi @adithyacs86,

these conditions are not stored as a independent column in database. They are just a part of offer XML code stored in MDATA column (memo).

In order to see them in AC, use Query Editor, pick nms:offer table and click on the preview tab, rigth click / Configure List and add field filter/humanCond - this will list conditions in the offers to be viewed or copied. You may export one offer as a package and check definition and condition structure.




Level 5
Hi Milan, I get that point, I have checked that part, but want to make this filter query (which is a human condition) work in the normal query activity in an automated way. Like suppose " I create a new offer with some eligibility rules and then on the other side, I have to get eligible recipients from the query activity in a different workflow through an automated way" . Thanks,