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Number of recipients who unsubscribed in cube reports


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How do I count the number of recipients who clicked the opt-out link (at least once) on an e-mail delivery? The cube report for Delivery and tracking statistics measure unsubscriptions as "sum @optOut". However, this does not measure the number of recipients who unsubscribed, but rather the sum of all clicks on the opt-out link (and for some reason some people seem to click this multiple times...). I have tried using "Distinct Count", but this also gives a wrong result (counting less than the actual number of recipients who unsubscribed). 

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Hi Rodshagen,


Have you checked out the indicators section of the documentation below?



The above does detail out a specific indicator that you can examine to understand the recipients that unsubscribed (@_unsubscribe). For opt-outs you can use @optOut.


Now its important to note that you may need to do a distinct or dedupe as its possible for a recipient to click on the same URL twice.


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Thank you for answering. Yes, I have read the documentation, and @optOut is the only available option in the Delivery and tracking (DeliverLogStats) table. When setting up the cube report, one can choose "distinct count", but this gives a very wrong number.


An example: I have an e-mail where 401 recipients clicked the opt-out link at least once (found by using a query on the tracking log table). The cube report shows sum @optOut = 489 which is the total number of clicks. But  distinct count @optOut shows 14... Which is a number that makes no sense to me. I would have excpected the distinct count to be 401, but clearly I am missing something...