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Need some in depth knowledge on messages count that is getting calculated from billing workflow


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Hi Team,

      Could someone please explain the in depth information related to total message counts that are generating calculated through the billing report with internal logic/sql codes used.


We are in a confusion whether we need to calculate number of messages sent through the broadlog table or the indicators from the delivery. What is the correct way to calculate the number of emails processed by mid in a month from marketing in a hybrid model.


it is very helpful if somebody provide an in depth knowledge on below points (especially the last 5 points) from billing report summary



The report displays all the deliveries for which at least one message has been sent for the selected period, grouped according to message type.
If a delivery has an audience smaller than 100, then it is aggregated to other small deliveries that share the same start date.


1-Start date:

Start date of the delivery, and as such, it can be earlier than the report "from" date.


Label of the delivery. Deliveries that have less than 100 messages to send are considered too small and thus aggregated by start date, in which case the label displays the number of aggregates.

3-Total volume:

Total volume of bytes transferred.

4-Avg volume:

Average volume of bytes transferred. This is the result of (total volume / messages), and is the calculation basis for the multiplier.


Number of messages that were sent. This includes both messages that were successfully sent and retries (following the reception of a bounce message from the contacted server). For more information on retries, please refer to the documentation.


The value of the multiplier is deduced from the messages' average volume.


Result of the multiplication of the messages and the multiplier.

Terms not mentioned in the glossary are defined in the agreement.



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Hi All,


    Any suggestions will be greatly helpful for us.