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Need msgId at individual recipient level as against operator level in 'BroadlogMsg' table


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Have a query with resp to how I could deal with failure reasons at individual recipient level since I am using my custom MTA?


Like from my custom MTA logs, I am able to figure out success and failures, but when I see the 'NmsBroadLogMsg' table, only one 'ibroadmsgId' per operator is mapped. So if my delivery has multiple failure reasons how could I map it in said table without any unique identifiers?


1. Could I consider 'NmsBroadLogMsg' table along with 'NmsBroadLogRcp' as core tables that would feed data to 'NmsDeliveryLogStats' table which would eventually auto calculate hard/soft bounces based on failure reasons/codes?

2. It's quite clear other than 'ibroadlogmsgid', there are no unique identifiers based on which i could run SQL insert/update operations. Could anyone suggest how I could proceed from here, given that 'ibroadlogmsgid' value corresponds to operator associated deliveries? So what-ever deployments carried out by an operator, all would have the same 'ibroadlogmsgid' as against 'ideliveryID' existing in 'NmsBroadLogRcp' table. Inserting/updating based on msgID won't serve my purpose since I won't know on what and against which delivery the operation is carried out.


Also how its been done at adobe end, do they have a nighty job running in the background that internally maps to associated deliveryIds before updating the said table?


3. Since I am updating the 'NmsBroadLogMsg' table manually, any operation would overwrite the existing one in absence of unique filter/column, would need to know how different failure reasons could be captured/associated for each recipent? Say, for a delivery, 3 failed because of mailbox full while 2 for the unknown user. At the moment with my manual stuff, I could apply the same failure reason against all.


4. Any way at adobe side, be it import work-flows to insert unique entries in 'ibroadmsgId' column of 'NmsBroadLogMsg' table. This would serve my purpose and all related issues. Since I would simply fire update query using this unique msgId values in where clause.


Please someone address the said concerns that would help me to move forward...

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