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Multiple Approvers Required- Adobe Campaign Classic


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Hello, in ACC, using an Approval activity and selecting "multiple approvers" is not working as intended.


We want the workflow to stay in pause until ALL Approvers have 'approved'.


We have build 9032. When I tested the workflow continues downstream after the first person approves.


Any suggestions on how to set up a workflow where during this step, the workflow will not continue downstream until ALL assigned approvers have approved it?


Thanks, Jordan

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Hi Jordan,


I have not tested but check documentation below.

In the event of single approval, the transition corresponding to the choice of operator is activated and the task is finished: the other operators cannot reply.
In the event of multiple approvals, transitions corresponding to the choice of each operator are enabled. The task is finished when all operators of the group have replied, or when the task has expired.
This activity does not block processing, and the workflow can perform other tasks while waiting for a reply.


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Hi @JordanPhoenix ,


In case of multiple approvers/reviewers , this is how Adobe works:


If a list of reviewers is defined, a job is approved as soon as one reviewer has accepted it. The relevant approval link is then no longer offered in the dashboard.  If another reviewer clicks the approval link in the notification message, they are notified that another operator has already approved the job


Also, sharing this link for detailed explanation:







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@Anita_punmiya, I was hoping for a solution to create an approval process with multiple approvers yet ALL must approval before workflow continues? Multiple approval activities for each approver or is there another way?



Hi @JordanPhoenix,

Were you able to resolve this query with any of the given solutions? Please let us know.


Sukrity Wadhwa