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MS Dynamics CRM integration with ACC: RegionalDisco is disabled


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Hi all


We have a CRM integration setup with our ACC environment.

We used the Office 365 deployment type.


As of 8/6 the integration stopped working and threw the following error: 'EnableRegionalDisco' is disabled



This is apperently because the RegionalDisco was deprecated by Microsoft.

I asked Adobe Support how we could fix this and they advised to change to serverUrl in the external account to: https://globaldisco.crm.dynamics.com/

After doing so the 'regionalDisco' error was gone but the integration wasn't working as we now face another error: GDS Resource Provider is unable to get instances for tenantId: XXXXX



Does anyone know what we are missing to get this up and running?

On Adobe, Dynamics or Azure side?


FYI: we are on build 9032


Edit: We got the integration working again by changing to the web-api deployment type. Needed to whitelist the serverUrl in the serverConf file and add a clientID to the configuration. 

We are still experiencing an issue when trying to use the configuration wizard to select tables from Dynamics:




Thank you





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We have the exact same problem.


We are currently in the process of attempting to reconfigure our connections to use app registrations and the Web API - although hitting stumbling blocks with this also as it requires changes to the URL Permissions on the serverconf.xml


I've bookmarked this page and will confirm when we have a solution.


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Hi @UoSDan, We managed to get it back up and running with the web-api deployment type. I indeed had to add the serverUrl to the serverConf file and needed to add a clientId to the config. But after that the workflows we've put in place to sync the data were working again. The only issue I'm still running into is that with this approach I get an error message when trying to use the configuration wizard to select the tables from Dynamics.


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We also have the same problem.
@LeonieSwart-lonalo where did you add the clientId? Could you give an example?


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Hi Lukas,


We've added it to the configuration of the external account.
When you select the web API deployment type it's an extra field that pops up.
I requested the value of it from our Dynamics Team.


The other credentials remained the same (of our previous Office 365 deployment type).






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Hi again @LeonieSwart-lonalo ! We get a forbidden error when trying to run the configuration wizard. Did you experience that as well? Do you know which endpoints that Campaign is trying to connect to? (in order to whitelist the url in server proxy)


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Hi @_lukas_


If it is an actual forbidden error: it's probably something with your credentials.

In case it's an actual whitelisting issue, Adobe says that in the error.


However: I whitelisted in the serverConf our server url, being something like: customOrg.crm4.dynamics.com

And I've also whitelisted the microsoft login url that was being mentioned in our error message.


Hope this helps.