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Microsoft Dynamics (on cloud) connection with ACC (v7) using APIM layer


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Hello All


We are in process to connect our CRM azure (Dynamics 365) cloud version using adobe campaign classic. Normally we have ootb CRM connector (external account) to configure that connection however our CRM instance is only exposed through APIM (Azure API Management) gateway. Any external applications which needs to integrate with CRM azure instance, they need to connect via APIM gateway only.

Now that they have CRM web APIs exposed in APIM to connect CRM instance, we wanted to connect to those APIM first and then do the data synchronization between ACC and CRM using Microsoft dynamics CRM external account and ootb activities in workflows like CRM connector.

Will this kind of setup work in ACC?  Can we simply use APIM gateway credentials (insteam of CRM) and use the external account as an OOTB connector??



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