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Locking delivery templates


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Hi there,

Is there a way to lock the delivery templates in Adobe campaign classic for modification? We want to make sure that the delivery templates which are already part of live trigger campaign won't get changed unless the trigger campaign gets paused/cancelled. What could be the best way to implement this if there is no straight forward solution? 


Many thanks for your comments/suggestions!


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Hello @rajeshbhat ,


Technically, it is possible to implement it. However, it will be custom development and not supported out of the box.


1. In the input form of delivery, you can call a custom SOAP method on leave, where you can pass this delivery id.




2. In this SOAP method, you can add JavaScript code to check if this delivery id is a template and if it is used in any workflow or campaign and what its status is.


3. For example, if the workflow status is "started," then you can log an error and not allow it to be saved. Otherwise, you can return success and save it.


Hope it will help you.





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Hi @Parvesh_Parmar ,

Thank you for your response. 


I don't seem to find a link to a workflow from a delivery template. The executed deliveries will have a link to a workflow but if it's a template then I don't see any workflow details for that (workflow FK is blank).  


Is there any other way? I was thinking if I could find anything in the workflow xml? 


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I got a work around to identify the template linked to an active workflow. I have made the required changes in delivery input form, extended custom delivery schema & created new java script file. However I keep getting a java script error "Error while evaluating a javascript code, line 1: void(0) is not a function". Have double checked all the syntax and all but no luck. Could someone please help in resolving this? Attaching the code changes done along with the error snapshot. 

Error message on saving delivery template:


Changes in delivery input form within leave:


JS function in new javascript codes file:


Changes in custom data schema:



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I'm still waiting for a resolution for this error. Tried changing few naming conventions for the JS method but no luck.