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Issue with Adobe campaign while targeting larger recipient


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We get error while sending large-scale mailings, The common thread seems to be hosting location https://www.elsevier.com/__data/assets/image/. The same image work fine with the large scale campaign if we change the host to http://media.journals.elsevier.com/content/files/.


we found something like below screen grab when I downloaded files from both domains

Images served by https://www.elsevier.com/__data/assets/image/ do not have a Content-Length header, will this be a root cause to produce error with large-scale campaign execution, kindly advise? 


if so do we need to update adobe configuration?


If adobe able to execute campaign with the domain http://media.journals.elsevier.com/content/files/, then it should be able to run with other domain also right?






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But what kind of error are you getting on campaign?



I've compared both assets and the one served by https://www.elsevier.com does not have the content length header as you are aware, also it seems that no assets served by elsevier have the content-length header set as you can see from the following next example:




Elsevier uses Squiz Matrix CMS which runs on Ngix with Openresty Bundle, if you think that content-length header is the issue, then you need to ask the CMS host (SQUIZINC-NYC) if they can add it in the server configuration as is not hosted on premise but rather by Squiz themselves.


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Does the Content-Length header/entity is mandatory to run html in Adobe campaing?



Hi @priya_vinoth,

Were you able to resolve this query with the given solution or do you still need more help here? Do let us know.


Sukrity Wadhwa