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I'm trying to develop some custom attributes in the workflow and delivery tables as well as modify the forms to include the additional input fields. For each set of attributes there is an extension to the schema. The custom workflow fields are added to the forms and behaving as expected; however, the modifications to the delivery schema/form do not.


Using the form successfully updates the record in the table; however, when I reopen the form after saving and closing the window results in the custom attribute values not appearing in the form. This behaviour is difficult to model, but what I've gathered so far (not sure if this helps isolate the issue) is:

  • the fields appear correctly when generating a new delivery (newDelivery form), with default values in place of enumerated fields
  • the fields are never shown whenever viewing the form of a delivery template
  • ad-hoc deliveries created and opened in a workflow have the values showing until logging out and back in 


The enumeration and main element of the schema extending xtk:delivery is as follows:




  <enumeration basetype="short" default="none_specified" name="category">
    <value label="Choose one" name="none_specified" value="0"/>
    <value label="Service" name="service" value="1"/>
    <value label="Marketing" name="marketing" value="2"/>
    <value label="Survey" name="survey" value="3"/>
    <value label="Marketing-Alert" name="marketing_alert" value="4"/>

  <element desc="Defines the parameters of a delivery (or of a delivery template)."
           img="nms:campaign.png" label="Deliveries" labelSingular="Delivery" name="delivery">
    <attribute default="none_specified" desc="Line of Business" enum="xtk:workflow:lineOfBusiness"
               label="Line of Business" name="lineOfBusiness" type="byte"/>
    <attribute default="none_specified" desc="Campaign Type" enum="xtk:workflow:workflowType"
               label="Campaign Type" name="campaignType" type="byte"/>
    <attribute default="none_specified" desc="Category" enum="category" label="Category"
               name="category" type="byte"/>
    <attribute label="Campaign Name" length="255" name="campaignName" type="string"/>
    <attribute label="Workflow Name" length="255" name="workflowName" type="string"/>
    <attribute label="A/B Testing" length="255" name="ABTesting" type="string"/>




Here is a snippet of the XML in from the Delivery form (NmsDelivery):



    <container colcount="2" name="general">
      <container colcount="2" colspan="2" type="visibleGroup" visibleIf="[/ignored/@dlvNotReady]=''">
        <input discardReadOnly="true" xpath="@label"/>
        <input xpath="@internalName"/>
      <container colspan="2" type="visibleGroup" visibleIf="[/ignored/@dlvNotReady]!=''">
        <input xpath="@label"/>
      <container applicableIf="HasPackage('nms:messageCenter')" colspan="2" type="visibleGroup"
        <input xpath="triggerMessage/@eventType"/>
      <container colcount="2" colspan="2">
        <input xpath="@campaignType"/>
        <input xpath="@lineOfBusiness"/>
      <container colcount="1">
        <input colspan="1" xpath="@category"/>
        <input colspan="1" xpath="@ABTesting"/>
      <container colspan="1" type="visibleGroup" visibleIf="[/ignored/@triggerMessage]!=1">
        <input xpath="@deliveryCode"/>
      <container colspan="2">
        <input xpath="@campaignName"/>
      <container colspan="2">
        <input xpath="@workflowName"/>
      <input colspan="2" xpath="@nature"/>



The editions exist in the general container referenced by the Properties input tag higher up in the form XML. The only changes made to the Delivery form are provided above, everything else is OOTB. Here is a screenshot of the delivery template's properties form:



Note: the enumerated values in the form do not show when they should at least be populated with their default values.


Below is a screenshot of the newDelivery form, where defaults are showing correctly:



If I save, close (but DO NOT log out of the console), save workflow, and re-open the delivery then it displays correctly:




Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello ,


I think you have added the new attributes in the form but not in the xpathsToLoad= section at the top of the form .



This property ensures that the values you are saving are loaded in the delivery form everytime you open it.


Although the value is saved in the schema , it needs to have the xpath in xpathsToLoad to show in the form.




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Answers (1)




Hello @RPDiC ,


I have already given the answer to this question in this thread.


Let me know if that helps.