Why do I get different results when first creating a delivery from a template for the first time, and after it's saved and reopened?



What is different when first creating/initializing a delivery from a template for the first time, and after it's saved and reopened again? I get different results.

I have an extension input delivery (let's call it ext:delivery) where I have an entry-tag that sets some values and display them in SMS deliveries and SMS delivery templates.

When I open existing deliveries it reads and goes through the entry-tag and does what it should (gets the values and display them nicely), both in the SMS template and SMS delivery.

BUT if I create a new delivery (Recurring delivery), select the correct Delivery template and press "Continue", it's like AC does not go through my entry-tag at all. Nothing that should be done in the entry-tag is done. 

It only display my values after I SAVE the first time, and REOPEN the delivery. (and between this the delivery is renamed from "Recurring Delivery" to the name of the Delivery template.)

So what is the difference here? Why might my variable not load?


To explain/show better (This is in "Targeting and workflows"):

1: I create/drag in a Recurring delivery

2: I open this, select correct template and press "Continue"


3: Now my correct value should show up in the input, but it doesn't. I press "Save".

4: I reopen it, and NOW my correct value is shown (plus showing Label and Internal name)



Would really appreciate any thoughts and ideas here 🙂 

- Helene

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello @HeleneHH ,

There are two delivery input forms associated to create/edit a delivery.

1) newDelivery

2) delivery


When you click on create new delivery or go through a process of select a delivery template then newDelivery input form is used to set up from the start. Since you only extended the version of nms:delivery but the newDelivery template is still referencing to the old template/values


But when you are saving the delivery and re-opening it then the nms:delivery input form is called where you have everything is place to pull the custom values.


Refer to the screenshot to identify the two inputs forms:




Let me know if that helps

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