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’ in content manager configuration shows as ? on webpage


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I have a webpage (dynamic javascript page) that makes it possible to show and change the text in an email made with content manager.

In the client I for example write Hold ’n’ Win in the input field to create the text in an email and that works fine.

But when the same email is shown for edit in my webform the same text will show as Hold ?n? Win.

This happens regardless if the string was originally written in the web form or the windows client. It always shows correctly in the client and is correct in the email going out and is always wrong in the web form showing the same text.


I think it's some kind of encoding problem. But I can't seem to be able to fix it. Does anybody know why this happens and how to fix it?


Simplified code in Dynamic javascript page that shows all the xml of the publication model (which also shows wrong):

var jsspContext = new JSSPContext(request);
var id = request.getParameter("id");
var D = new BusinessObjectWeb("nms:delivery", id, "nms:delivery");

//Load publication model
var pubModel = ncm.publishing.load('cus:pubModelName');
var configData = D.object.content.content[pubModel.schema_name];
<textArea style="width:450px;" cols="50" rows="50" id="configXmlArea" name="configXmlArea" style="padding:0;margin:0;" accept-charset="UTF-8"> 

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Hi @PLundmark , Can you put logInfo and try to print the value in the logs. This will help you identify whether configData is having correct value and not displayed at the front end or it is returned incorrectly from D.object.content.content[pubModel.schema_name];


Hope this will help you identify the problem area.


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Well, the log says ? as well. But it's clearly stored as ’ in the database since it displays as ’ in the client.


Level 2

After a few minor changes I got the log to say ’ instead of ?.

But the textarea still says ?Any solution to this?