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How to create a survey & store results?


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I want to create a survey form which captures a couple of bits of information about customers. I have followed some of the Adobe documentation online but as yet haven't been able to make it work - I'm hoping someone on here may be able to point out where I've gone wrong.


As the customers aren't neccesarily in our Recipients table currently (they are in another dev table - we're still sorting out our data structure), I don't think I can store this data in 'Responses to recipient forms' so I've created a new table with fields for this data + a customer identifier, and used this as both the 'document type' and 'library' in the properties of the new survey/web app.


I need to feed through an identifier with the URL so that I can store the data supplied by the customer against this identifer.

As I understand it, I need to use a 'preloading' activity to do this.

Again, as the customers aren't neccesarily in our Recipients table currently, I think I need to use the 'List of fields' method, specify a field from my new table (loaded as additional data) as the id, then include this in the link that's shared with customers as a parameter i.e. myserver.com/webApp/APP12?&id=<%=targetData.customerID %>

I thought that 'skip preloading if no ID' should be unticked - if there's no valid id provided, I don't want the survey to be accessible - but if I do this I don't seem to be able to preview the survey, so I have left it ticked.


In the 'page' activity I have inserted the two relevant fields using 'attendee information'

In the 'storage' activity the checkbox for 'update the preloaded record' is checked and the operation is set to 'update or insert'.


When I test the survey, it appears to work, but no records seem to be inserted or created.

Any advice appreciated (or let me know if there's more information I should provide), thanks,



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Hi @stephenjw , 


I tried selecting the custom schema for library, responses are not showing up at all. Please suggest