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Get source entity's data/id when duplicating


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Hi all!


I wonder if anyone has an idea how to achieve the following scenario:

I have a custom schema, let's say - cus:awesomeProduct.

And the thing is, that I need UI for this schema to be built using WebApp only. This is not so hard in general and the only thing I have to do is to use <input type="urlViewer" ...> in my form and pass entity @ID in the URL.


But when User wants to be able to Duplicate the entity - this is where the problem arises. AC will pass @ID of the _new_ (and empty) entity to the WebApp, but inside the WebApp I need to know _original_ @ID to grab source data.

When using "usual" xml-based UIs this problem doesn't exists simply because AC Console is smart enough to fill all the data from _original_ entity to the form. But in case of urlViewer AC Console does know nothing about the inside and can't pass any data to that input.


Will appreciate any help!

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