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FDA Extraction Workflow Error


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Hi ,

I am facing some issue when trying to read / extract the data through SAP Hana FDA connection in AC .

FDA connection is successful but when trying to fetch the data from source system (SAP Hana) through workflow using RDBMS activity getting below error, does anyone know why this error wkf is throwing ? please let us know the workaround if anyone knows . @_Manoj_Kumar_ @Jonathon_wodnicki @Darren_Bowers @Krishnanunni @DavidKangni @david--garcia @Adhiyan @Perrininho @Marcel_Szimonisz @minakshis868318                                                                                                                            Thanks!

WorkflowLog (2).PNG

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Hello @pradyumns539618 ,

Its saying syntax error. its your sql or its generated? 

Also is saying access violation. can you access with that user to the table?



Hi @Marcel_Szimonisz  ,

Its workflow generated SQL , based on our condition in the RDBMS activity .

and yes User has access to the table , but it throwing the above error when we reading the data through workflow .




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Hello @pradyumns539618 
Believe the table name is not correctly provided.
Thinking the table name should be something like "SAPE5P"."06W:BIA:0PLANT"
Please correct the table name and retry.
Hope this helps!