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Hi All,

I have a query related to enumeration, does any one have any idea where does the enumeration values and their meaning gets stored in database - is there any standard table which stores this ?

For example if we check xtk:workflow schema in documentation tab we can find out the corresponding enumeration mapping values below (for workflow status)

Finishedstopped5The instance is finished.
In progressrunning1The instance is currently being executed.
Not startedinit0The instance is not running.
Stop in progressstopping4The tasks are currently being stopped.
Suspendedsuspended3The instance is suspended.

But is this information readily available somewhere in any database table ?

Also, if I just hover mouse on any of these link in documentation link it shows something like javascript:showItem('enum:xtk:workflow:workflowStatus') - does it mean it is calling some javascript to generate this info, if yes which script is this and can we use it ?



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Accepted Solutions (1)





Schema-defined enums are stored in the schema itself. They can be extracted in export activities or by parsing the schema def in js.

Db enums are stored in the xtk:enum/enumValue schemas.

The hover you're seeing is some simple js in the documentation page to toggle display:none/block for what you're clicking.



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