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Details about nms:suppressionAddress schema


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I came across the schema nms:suppressionAddress in ACC (build 9342) which I don't recall noticing before. All it has is the MD5 hashed values. From the name it seems it is used to run the exclusion before the messages are delivered. But not sure if this true or not. Also, how is this populated? If I have a list of emails to be suppressed, shall I put it into this with MD5 created or into the nms:address schema?

If I need to share the list of suppression managed by Adobe with someone (say I am migrating off Adobe), I can't use the Md5 in new system, how can I share the suppression then

Any documentation is helpful

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The nms:suppressionAddress table gets populated during the delivery analysis phase. If recipients fall within the exclusion criteria (example below), then they are included in this table. As such, adding a list to the nms:address table won't necessarily populate the nms:suppressionAddress table unless a delivery attempts to try and send to a denylisted address and is excluded as part of the exclusion process.