Design approach for storing multiple recipients(different FirstName and LastName) but same email address




I have a requirement where from a form on my website I am collecting student details and saving it in ACC(Adobe Campaign Classic). The form is usually filled by parents so email id used in all the children of a parent will be same though the first name and last name will change respective to their kid's first name and last name. 

The issue is that every time save is done the recipient data is overwritten. This, I suspect is because the email id is same. I want to know if there is any solution approach to overcome this ?



ACC Adobe Campaign Classic Recipient linked data workflow

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @__96 ,


Yes you are right, it is probably because on saving the system is checking if this record already exist(checking email field) and updating the record with new values filled in the form. You can check and verify it first.


A simple solution is to change the insert/update logic in ACC and insert/update a record based on more than one column(not only on email field column). For example you can insert it based on (emailId + firstName). In this case it will consider update(overwrite) if both first name and email are matching, Otherwise it will insert it.



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