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Delivery Template - Email Personalization Preview


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Hi Experts,


We are facing an issue while previewing the Delivery Template - Email Personalization across the organization. It is not behaving in the same way for non Admins - some were able to view and some are not. What could be the scenario here. Without the personalisation, preview template looks good.


Please let me know your thoughts.




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Hi @harikrishnadevanabowina ,


This can be related to the access level on the attributes in the particular schema where the personalization fields are coming from.


Could you Please check if your attributes in your Data schema have condition as shown below



If yes, then the particular fields are restricted from schema level based on admin access rights.





Looks like the access is OK.. 


Do you know if there are any specific restrictions on the Delivery template level?

Hi @harikrishnadevanabowina ,


Could you Please check the folder level restrictions ie, where those Delivery Templates reside in which folders and check if all the users have access to those folders.





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Hi @harikrishnadevanabowina ,

To preview, the operator needs to have access to the schema and folders (If any folder level restrictions made in the console)

To troubleshoot, compare the Rights, Operator group and folder restriction with the non-Admins who can able to preview with personalization and with the non-Admin operator who can't able to see the personalized preview.


Alternatively, you can provide all the personalized data in seed address tab, and Preview using 'A seed address...'



If you have any targetData in personalization, in seed address > additional data, add targetData as below format and save it.


Thanks @ParthaSarathy @LakshmiPravallika for response.


As an Admin, we were able to preview the personalization. But they are not able to view the personalization. They have access to folders and able to create workflows with templates - Able to see the content without the personalization but impacts only when they add a recipient from the folder they have access to.


I can understand that some access issue but could not figure out where that could be. They have access to specific recipients, and able to run workflows. I have added one of them to the admin group, then they are able to view the personalization. So it's understood that their permissions but couldn't figure where and what's the fix. 


Any thoughts on this much appreciated.


BR, Hari Krishna D

@LakshmiPravallika @ParthaSarathy We have upgraded to Build 9359. Before the upgrade to X a local user was able to see the personalization.


After the upgrade, local users are no longer able to view this. We have tested giving a local user admin rights, and then they can access it. 


We don't want to give local users admin rights, how can we solve this issue, without giving them admin rights?


Please let me know your thoughts.



@ParthaSarathy Could not find pull A Seed Address in to the preview template. How can I fix this?