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What is the best method to do IP Warming in AC.  This is the first big send email send and a reputation need to be established?  Should use use waves as displayed below:

IP Warm image2.jpg

What are you thoughts?

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Depending of the use case it's possible. Some clients want to reach a daily volume while some clients to reach a global volume.

That's being said, the common recommendation is to increase the batch size as Jon said.

few recommendations:

  • make sure your delivery validity cover all waves (per default it's 5 days)
  • you should start with most reactive users ( active last 30 days, last 60 days, last 90 days, etc)
  • warming up is a back and forth process. my opinion is to do it in several deliveries instead of one. the main reason is you will have to adapt with the ISP rules until they consider you as a safe sender. So the volume of gmail is not the same as yahoo or outlook. In your example you're doing a random sample and you may have issues if you sent more than your quotas.

At high level, as i'm aware of the size, breakdown and targeting criteria of your final audience, I will say this plan is not optimal.