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Hi All,

I'm wondering if it is possible to create an input form that can be pulled into a workflow as an activity to defined instance variables.

I'm developing a solution that's fairly complex, but want it to be easy for users to declare instance variables (simple text input) without seeing reams of Javascript Code.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi David,

"Standard" workflows are dedicated to server-side execution, not for client-side execution.
So you can't manage an input form in it.

Instead, you can achieve these alternative ways below, depending on your use case.

If you need an UI (User Interface) based on web browser,
you should rather use a webApp or report for such Input form to fill by an user (or a Javascript alert box to confirm a choice).
Of course webApp/report uses typical workflow execution, some activities exist as for standard workflow but not all (so Javascript skills are often needed).

If you need an UI based on Adobe Campaign windows client (it means that the user has an operator account), you can carry out a standard form that only requires XML syntax to define the form.
Typically it is used for wizard form interaction such new delivery wizard, new webApp wizard, etc.
The input fields typed by the user can be stored in variables (/tmp xpath) or in schemas/tables such as xtk:options or whatsoever (for example a custom table for storing parameters or other data).

Hope this helps.


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Answers (2)




Hi Dave,

Sorry, I'm not aware of it.

A possible workaround I can think of is if you extend the workflow schema and create that many columns for each instance variable.

You can then modify the workflow form to show relevant input fields.