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Creating a calculated attachment where File name is computed at the time of delivery for each recipient (it can depend on the recipient)




We are trying to attach a pdf file (from the folder placed on C:// drive for testing because, FTP is not supported) during the email delivery in the template.

  1. Specified the label  to apply to the attachment.
  2. Specified the access path of the file and its personalized name in the definition window (based on the customer name, it picks the respective file to attach).
  3. Uploaded the file to server from local drive in a different workflow as this is a mandatory step.


I got an error below.



1. How to resolve this issue?

2. Post the testing of attaching the files from desktop, i would like to do the same from an FTP location. How can i do this (any SFTP/other server location Adobe provides from where i can attach the files)?

PS: We have a hosted version of Adobe Campaign v6.1



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Hello Rajesh,

This is a known limitation when using calculated attachments uploaded from the local system . The reason is that when the attachment is prepared during delivery analysis , the MTA is responsible for preparing the attachment. The MTA for a hosted environment runs on a debian(linux) server and the local file being on a Windows OS causes a compatibility issue and creates the wrong path for the file by appending usr/local/neolane/ (default location of a campaign instance) ahead of the file name.

To overcome this you can :

1>. Use a file from a public location like this :

calculated attachment.png

2>. Else , like you have mentioned , you can have the file on a SFTP server and mention the path of the server here like :

/sftp/<user>/incoming/<file_name> in place of the public url

3>. Create a workflow to generate the file on the workflow execution and then export the file to the var/<instance_name>/export folder using the data extraction activity and then use the delivery ,attachment name should be : export/<file_name>

Hope this helps



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Hi Cavallo,

No , unfortunately not . This is a limitation . The personalization of the calculated attachment is done by the Mid MTA and hence the path will be appended when using mid-sourcing.

You can see the solution described at the beginning of the topic and see if it works for you.

1>. Use a SFTP location to pull the files.

2>. Use the URL of a public location (like google drive) to fetch the files.




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Hi Adhiyan,

I saw that once the calculated attachment is configured in message center template and for any reason MTA is not able to locate the file; emails are not getting delivered. Is it a expected behavior Or we can do something in configuration so that emails can be delivered even if the file to be attached is not found ?

Kindly let me know.




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Hi All,

Can we pull the file from SFTP location if we are using message center?




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Hi Souvik,


Wanted to check if the you got information regarding the query 'Can we pull the file from SFTP location if we are using message center?'