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Have you ever had to create a zip file in ACC that would contain multiple *.csv/*.txt files. 
A client (who's currently getting migrated from SFMC to Adobe)  runs Exports weekly and creates seven (7) *.csv files. These files are then zipped into one file (ex:
I found some information online, and have already reached out to Adobe Support to see if I have have the necessary utilities installed on the server. 
I've also tried to use some information I got from Adobe Experience League and get an 'Can not open file.." error. 
I've never done this in ACC before - especially since in ACS - you can choose to output the file as a *zip. Not sure how I need to proceed. 
The *csv file output to a FTP (which I can access through FileZilla) that was set up in Adobe.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @holmes74338504 


you may use the following code in the Script node (chose Shell script):


# zip all .csv files
cd /some/directory/which/contain/files/
tar -cvf  PreferedNameOfZipFile  /some/directory/which/contain/files/*.csv




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