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Correct syntax for xtk.fileRes.FilePublishing -method parameters?


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What's the syntax that should be used as a parameter to xtk.fileRes.FilePublishing function?

Documentation simply states XML fileList but I can't get this function to publish anything

I've tried
<fileList><file name="..." md5="..." /></filelist>, and

<fileList><file name="..." /></filelist> etc.

but both return errors and nothing is published. Also it seems, that the path isn't correctly handled as I get error BAS-010017 Cannot read from file '...' (errno=21, Is a directory) even when I use correct upload directory path with the file name. Tried to add path in the XML element (<fileList><file name="..." path="..." md5="..." /></filelist>) but this doesn't have any effect (same error is returned).

Also can this function be used to publish files on several frontal servers at once? We have two frontal servers and image should be published on both of those.

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