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Can Inputs in Forms and Pre-Defined Filters be Pipe-Delimited?


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One of the built-in Adobe predefined filters, "Recipients of a delivery" [rcpPerDelivery] allows a user to pipe-delimit values in an input box.  I am attempting to build a new form and form-driven pre-defined filter that leverages this behavior; however, I am struggling to do so.  Has anyone here successfully built a form or pre-defined filter that allows users to bar-delimit inputs?


Mimicking the factory filter, I defined some XML for a free-text field:

<inputlabel="Kit Codes"noTransaction="true"required="true"type="edit"xpath="/tmp/@kitCodes"/>


But when used in a workflow, the following workflow XML is generated:

<conditionboolOperator="AND"compositeKey=""dependkey=""expr="[delivery/@deliveryCode] IN ('FOO|BAR')/>

When the default filter is used, I see

<!--Coverted to individual comma-separated values as expected-->
    <conditionexpr="[url/@label] IN ('FOO', 'BAR')"internalId="3"/>
    <tmp_cs="Delivery 'MY TEST DELIVERY'"behaviorType="open"segmentation="true"urlFilter="FOO|BAR">
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Did you manage to resolve your query?


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Unfortunately I have not - I've spent several hours trying a few different approaches, but still no luck.  Here's another screenshot of the built-in Adobe filter letting a user know that input can be bar-delimited


The query that builds the predefined filter (highly unusual that it is not visible)


And then an expanded snippet of the built-in Adobe filter's XML.  It's quite odd, there appears to be no mention in here about using the bar delimiter outside of the "help" prompt.  Which is making me think that perhaps the delimiter for this specific filter is being set in a package.

  <container type="visibleGroup" visibleIf="[/tmp/@behaviorType]='open' or [/tmp/@behaviorType]='click'">
    <input label="Filter by URL label" type="edit" xpath="/tmp/@urlFilter"/>
    <static label="You can specify more than one labels by using '|' (pipe) as a separator."

If you have any tips or avenues of research to recreating this feature outside of this specific filter, let me know!


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Hey all - has anyone had any luck with this yet?