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Campaign FDA: limitation


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Hi Everyone,

We are working on a use case where incremental data will be pulled from Mysql database instance into campaign DB using FDA connection. However, before finalizing the solution, we want to know more volumetric information:

a. how much data should we pull in one time

b. is there any load issue in the Mysql instance

c. how does the FDA connection is closed and if not getting closed, what steps can Mysql instance perform

d. what should be the frequency of pull

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All in all, performance is down to your own infrastructure specifications, the conneciton handshake/handling is managed by the connector, the frequency of pull doesnt matter, but should take into consideration the impact on loading large sets of data during peak hours/business hours when system is running at full capacity, from experience I've used the FDA module to load millions of records.


The best way to answer your questions would be to set up a performance baseline on both systems, then start loading data itnto campaign whilst monitoring  performance (bandwith, system resources) and start ramping up the volume until you are happy on the performance metrics.


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Hi Supratim,


First, review the documentation below and ensure you are on a supported FDA database. Based on the current compatibility matrix, it appears that MySQL has been deprecated for FDA and is no longer supported.

Compatibility Matrix:

That said, if you should choose a different FDA, we do have documentation on several specific DB configurations below:



To your specific questions. Unfortunately, as Campaign no longer supports MySql I cannot provide any recommendations other than to migrate to a supported database. From what I see on my end, the decision not to support MySql was due to ongoing performance issues with the database platform.


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I think the documentation may not be correct or up to date, in the deprecated section it says mySQL 5.1 is not compatible but it says more recent versions are supported, however, they've not updated the FDA compatibility matrix.





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Hi David,

Based on some internal R&D tickets, MySQL 8 is being reviewed but not yet certified. Additionally, the last modification on the compatibility matrix is today. Based on this, I would advise proceeding with MySQL server through FDA until it has been certified and updated on the matrix.


That said, @supratim320, if there is no other option, please contact Campaign Support, who can confirm with R&D whether or not your version of MySQL is or will be supported in the future.

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