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API JS cannot send Emojis in body


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I'm using an api to send messages but the problem is that when I insert an emoji in the body I get a 400 Bad request back here is my js code :

var jsonData = {
                "type": "text",                               
                "text": "body": "hello how are you ",
                token = "xxxxxxxxxxx",
                contentType = "application/json";
var req = new HttpClientRequest('https://exampleTestEndpoint.com/sendMessage/128192');
          req.header["Authorization"] = token;
          req.header["Content-Type"] =  contentType;
          req.method = "POST";
          var data = jsonData;
          req.body = JSON.stringify(data);
          var resp = req.response;
          var code = resp.code;
          var body = JSON.parse(resp.body);

Then when I remove the emoji everything works normally, I tried with another api from another service and I had the same problem when I insert an emoji,
I also tried with the utf-8 code of the emoji but it still doesn't work.


Thank you in advance for your help!


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Hi @AnasSpir05 ,


Seems there is problem with unicode configuration. I have send the same in past in subject line and below is method I have used and it worked, You can also try.


When inserting EMOJIs into a subject line, you must use the base string formatting like =?UTF-8?Q?=

Search the hexadecimal code of the emoji you want to insert (for example F0 9F 98 81 (you must remove \x) on the website http://apps.timwhitlock.info/emoji/tables/unicode)

Add the hexadecimal code in the base string format like the following:



This has worked for me, can you also try in JS.







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Hello @aggabhi ,
thanks for your answer ,
I tried this method but the end result is that the text does not format and i get the utf8 code not the emoji ,
When I put in the body "=?UTF-8?Q?=F0=9F=98=81?=" the result is "=?UTF-8?Q?=F0=9F=98=81?=" not the emoji,
Anas Rarhib.