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Any issues with open and click rates for Adobe Campaign Classic v7 Release 7.2.2 - build 9349?


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We have notice a sudden drop in Open and Click rates on Transactional Messaging. This drop started in September 2022 and taken 50% drop. We have not changed any templates other than a subject line on one campaign, and we had to change the Web Analytics Connector for the new external account.  We are on Release 7.2.2 - build 9349 for Adobe Campaign Classic. Thanks in advance and let me know if you have experienced such drastic decreases. Appreciate your help if you can provide which area to look into and the fixes.

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Hello @sdknyl2021 


Are you checking this information in Adobe Analytics? Adobe has recently changed how the report suite classifications work in AA, and with this change, the Adobe Campaign Integration with Adobe Analytics is incompatible.


Check if "Sending of indicators and campaign attributes" workflow is failing or if there is any error.


If you see any error in the workflow, you will have to reach out to Adobe for a hotfix or upgrade the instance to either 9356 or 9359 to fix this issue.

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Hi Manoj - thanks for the reply. No it’s not the Adobe analytics reports but the reports we have built exporting the tracking and delivery logs out of our platform into our central repository for reporting and measurement. We have checked all the workflows exporting data and there has been no errors in the last quarter. I’m thinking upstream at the tracking server level. 


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Hello sdkny|2021, have you found the reason about dropping open/click rates of transactional messages? Thanks!


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Nope still under investigation by Adobe Support. Any pointers will be appreciated? 

Support initially pointed to the following - 

Fixed an issue when uploading an image in the Public resources folder in an instance with Message Center specific configuration. The following error message would appear: “Unable to upload the images to the tracking servers”. (NEO-38546, NEO-45572)



Hi @sdknyl2021,

Were you able to find the reason with the help of Adobe Support? Do share your findings.


Sukrity Wadhwa