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Adobe Campaign Email Masking


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I have a question on Adobe sub domain configuration and one of the requirements is related to email masking i.e. e.g. If we delegate domain email.abc.co.nz but at the same time for some of the campaigns we would want to send few comms that shows email of relationship manager which means sender address shows xyz@abc.co.nz (parent domain) rather than xxx@email.abc.co.nz. Though this can be achieved by email masking but I have few questions to clarify:

  1. Does Adobe supports email masking.
  2. Is this recommended approach in terms of deliverability best practice and can have any deliverability impact?
  3. Will this break any of the authentication for any ISP specifically DKIM?
  4. Is there any doc around it showcasing the impact or recommendations.

I reckon if masking is in place the sender name for above scenario will show as xyz@abc.co.nz via xxx@email.abc.co.nz in the email header?

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If you are configuring multiple domains in your wizard setting then those can be used as sender domains.

As you stated, it is possible to do personalized sender, and it doesn't break anything.

The email header will show up as xyz@abc.co.nz as configured within the delivery.

hope this helps.


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Vanity addresses are not supported by Adobe, so not an option.