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Adobe Campaign Classic - Tracking without modifying URL


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Hi all, there is a requirement to use tracking in ACC. In ACC, when any URL is used, the url in 'href' will be modified with some additional parameters which are used for tracking. Reference: Get started with personalized links tracking | Adobe Campaign



Now, I want to use the given URL in html as it is(the tracking should be present to track only Opens). Click tracking is not required. 



If tracking is enabled and a link is added as: http://myurl.com/a.php 

This is replaced for one particular recipient with: http://emailing.customer.com/r/?id=h617791,71ffa3,71ffa8

Expected outputhttp://myurl.com/a.php


Any thoughts will be great help and much appreciated.


Expected output: Only Opens should be tracked. Clicks not to be tracked(to avoid the url modification).

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Hello @somasundaramh,


If you are trying to do so for a specific delivery, you can deactivate tracking for that delivery's urls from this menu : 






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Hi @Amine_Abedour  thanks for your reply. We are doing implementation. And Business will take care of each delivery configuration. 

Our requirement is to have the Tracking enabled(so that the opens can be tracked), but we do not want Click tracking(source url is modified with new parameters). 


I tried overwriting option variable 'NmsTracking_ClickFormula'. Tried to have only $(url) instead of the whole formula. However, the href is calculated only when there is a '/r/?id=' characters as per the formula. Hope this clarifies our requirement and challenges.


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Update: I tried extending the nms:delivery schema using the following xml:


This works for the first time send. However, for the second time, the tracking is enabled if the same delivery is sent again.