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Adobe Campaign Classic - Java Script node LogInfo output to Query as a variable


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Excuse such a trivial question, but I am new to Adobe Campaign, and I exhausted all possibilities within my reach to accomplish this.
I am trying to do the following: As you can see below, I have a Java Script node that reads the first, last, and email and then stores it in LogInfo. I would like to store the LogInfo data to a variable and parse it to a query node for further analysis/workflow purposes. Please, give me a few suggestions or corrections. Thank you,


Below is Java Script code:


Sample workflow screenshot 




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@MarioGlad  You can use this.
instance.vars.test=rcp.@firstName+" "+rcp.@lastName+" "+rcp.@test;

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Hi @MarioGlad 


Please follow below steps to achieve this:

1) In Javascript activity, save value as:

instance.vars.@fName = rcp.@firstName;


2) In query activity, define as:

First name = $(instance/vars/@fName)







Hi @MarioGlad,


Were you able to resolve this query with the help of the given solutions or do you still need more help here? Do let us know.



Sukrity Wadhwa


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You may want to consider using some JSON tricks for more complex patterns.  I've made an example with various tricks, below:


var obj = {}
logInfo("Converting " + rcp.toXMLString() + " to JSON")
obj.firstName = rcp.@firstName.toString(); // Make sure you use toString()
obj.lastName = rcp.@lastName.toString();

instance.vars.data = JSON.stringify(obj)
logInfo("JSON = " + instance.vars.data)

# .. Later on..

var data = JSON.parse(instance.vars.data)