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Playground Environment for Training


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Description - Adobe provided playground environment for developers and admins to practice skills learned throughout training.

Why is this feature important to you - While the examples provided during training cover the basic skills necessary to operate within the platform, those are based on the OTB offerings. A playground environment for training would allow a safe space for practice outside of training especially for those of us whose Prod environments are highly customized.

How would you like the feature to work - It wouldn't need to be a direct copy of each users' Prod environment, rather a playground environment which you can use for all trainings and always have available for further practice outside of training.

Current Behaviour - Currently our account has a QA environment which is doubling as a playground.

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It's always possible to spin up a new local ACC instance and use that as a playground, not sure if that would work for your use cases though: https://github.com/adobe/acc_docker. I guess "training" might also imply that you are referring to non technical people, in which case this might not be applicable.