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Get doc for activities inputs/outputs (array vars.*)


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Activities create variables with the shared array vars.* and change the output schema

For example:

- Input example: A Loading data (file) configured with "specified in the transition" is in fact using "calculated: vars.filename", so any change to vars.filename before the data loading will corrupt it

- Output example: After a delivery, the transition contains the broadLog schema where vars.recCount is the total number of broadLogs

- Output example: A post-processing delivery workflow contains the delivery id via vars.deliveryId

Can we get documentation on all of this? It would be better than reverse-engineering and guessing the codebase..





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I can add some more to bunch

You also can use :

vars.targetSchema which is only available after readGroup, query, enrichment, update schema and maybe more e.g. temp:readGroup

vars.recCount you have after every activity  giving you actual count in your transition which goes in hand with vars.tableName;

gives you sql name of temporary of any particular transition you want  wkf631754562_5

to list more you can go to schema workflowEvent and display Variables