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Audience Manager Enhancement: Audience Marketplace CPM Reporting


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Adobe is excited to announce an improvement to the CPM data usage reporting process in Audience Marketplace. This release will provide more flexibility and an improved workflow for 2nd and 3rd party data usage that allows customers to report on impressions at the segment-level via the UI or using bulk upload functionality. This release also includes an updated cost attribution policy for segments that use more than one data provider.

Audience Marketplace now offers a new method of reporting data usage within the Payables section of the Audience Marketplace UI. In addition to the existing process of feed-level reporting, monthly impressions can be submitted at the segment-level which eliminates the need for offline calculations for cost attribution. Customers can toggle between a Segment Usage tab and Feed Usage tab to enter impressions directly in the UI or can submit impressions via a bulk upload process. More information on the UI and reporting process updates can be found on the found on the “How to Report CPM Usage” documentation page, and video tutorials can be viewed on the Audience Manager HelpX page.

Additionally, customers purchasing 2nd party or 3rd party data from Audience Marketplace will benefit from an improved cost attribution policy. This new policy attributes costs to data providers based on the unique user counts of traits in a rules-based segment, resulting in more transparency and equitable usage billing. More information on the cost attribution policy is documented on “Billing and Impression Allocation for CPM Data Feeds” documentation page.

Customer Impact:

This enhancement will be available for all Audience Manager customers beginning December 1, 2018, and customers subscribed to CPM data feeds are expected to use this new submission process during the next usage reporting window between December 1st and December 5th. There is no impact to flat-fee subscriptions through Audience Marketplace, as they do not require impression reporting. Data buyers who are admin users will also now receive an email reminder on the 1st of each month prompting them to complete usage reporting. For more details, visit the Audience Manager Product Documentation, or reach out to Adobe’s Customer Care or Consulting services.

For questions or concerns, contact amsupport@adobe.com.

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