Adobe Summit 2019 | L747 - Target People, Not Their Machines


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Devices don’t buy products—people do. In this hands-on lab, we focus on how to achieve a people-based marketing strategy in Adobe Audience Manager by leveraging the Adobe Experience Cloud Device Co-Op, profile merge rules, and instant cross-device suppression. Learn how to engage consumers as they move among screens and devices without overspending impressions. It’s time to make your audience and pockets happy! Highlights:


  • See Adobe Audience Manager real-time segmentation in action, and activate linked audience data across devices
  • Learn how to reach out to your prospects, even on devices that you haven’t seen on your properties
  • Develop consistent experiences based on information that a brand has about a person, not just the device being used


Bianca Tesila, Computer Scientist, Software Development, Adobe

Constantin Muraru, Senior Computer Scientist, Adobe

Session Length

1h 30m

Catalog Link

Experience League Intelligent Guidance | Adobe


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We are trying to demonstrate similar use case for our client, need couple of things:

  1. Can you share Demo Companion plugin/app for testing purpose?
  2. I have created sample trait in AAM, I am trying to execute Exercise 2.4 from document Experience League Intelligent Guidance | Adobe but response to 2nd call does not contain data_collection​ element. Is there any configuration required for data_collection to show matching traits in response?
  3. Do you have any document which talks about configurations you have done on AAM side (like creating traits, segment, merge rule etc)?