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Adobe Audience Manager Release notes | August 2020


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List of features in August -

  • You can now use People-Based Destinations to target users via Google Customer Match. Before you can use People-Based Destinations to send your first-party audience segments to a Google Customer Match destination, it is mandatory that Google adds you to their allow list. Check the People-Based Destinations documentation for details. (PLAT-53962)
  • Predictive Audiences now supports the selection of a Profile Merge Rule per model, during model creation. (AAM-55178)
  • Destination mapping start and end dates are now visible in each segment's page. (AAM-40056)
  • Fixed an issue where the Device Type of a trait was automatically set to Cross-Device when creating a new trait. (AAM-55368)
  • Fixed an issue where the Audience Marketplace would fail to load. (AAM-55549)
  • You can now un-map segments from Google destinations when the Google UserList parameter is not retrievable. (AAM-42655)
  • Fixed an issue where adding multiple segments to a destination would not always work correctly. (AAM-55651)
  • Fixed an issue where users who had their Profile Merge Rules limit increased would not see the Add New Rule button. (AAM-55700)
  • Fixed an issue where the 30 Day Overlapped Unique Users title would go missing from the Data Feed Report Metrics. (AAM-55801)
  • Lifetime metrics are now excluded from the Destination view when the destination is configured to export UUIDs. (AAM-54196)
  • Fixed an issue where users would not be able to view Tableau reports. (AAM-55868)
  • Fixed an issue where users would receive an error when creating a new Predictive Audiences model. (AAM-55921)
  • Multiple accessibility improvements across the interface. (AAM-49062, AAM-49063, AAM-49365).
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