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Adobe Audience Manager Learning content in Experience League - August 2020


Level 10

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Save Money and Optimize Customer Experience by Suppressing Ads to Converters

In this course, learn all the concepts to go from start to finish with the use case of saving money and optimizing the customer experience by removing existing customers from your reach campaigns. This includes building traits and segments, adding the right profile merge rules, adding segments to destinations, and even calculating the ROI as you use this use case.
In this video, discover three of the most common use cases for Profile Merge Rules, and how they can help your marketing efforts.
Creating a Segment Taxonomy When you create a segment in Audience Manager, you store them in a folder-based structure, or a taxonomy . Learn a few tips for creating and managing the segment taxonomy.
Retrieve API Credentials in Adobe I/O Instead of contacting Adobe Consulting or Customer Care for credentials for using the REST API, you can simply go to Adobe.io in a browser and retrieve or register your own credentials.
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