Setting up an always on dynamic audience segment which is date based



My question relates to setting up an dynamic always-on audience segment in AAM manager which is date/time based and how best to go about it.


I work for an airline and need to identify members who have upgraded their tier/status in last x days.

I have traits created for the following:







To identify if someone has upgraded I can simply compare tier_prevous to tier_current - pretty simple. Example if their tier_previous is silver and their tier_current is Gold then member has upgraded.


As there infinite number of dates, I cannot possibly create a trait for every possible tier change date available - so have decided to break the tier change date into its components, loading traits separately for tier change day (value from 0-31), tier change month  (value from 1-12) and tier change year (2016, 2017...).


What is the best way to combine these traits to create an audience segment to identify members who upgraded in the last 10 days. Is it even possible?

If not, what alternative options should I consider.


Please advise.






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