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Server Calls from Adobe Target in Audience Manager


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Hi Everyone, I am unable to track down any documentation that specifies if there is a limit to server 2 server calls between Audience Manager and Adobe Target. 


Thank you!

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Hi @josejr19 ,


Audience Manager pricing is based around an activities model. There are four billable activities: 

1) Server Calls: The first activity is server calls. A visit to your site, app, or other tagged environment will trigger a server call if our code is present. Keep in mind this is tied to traffic and engagement on your own properties, and that redirects or additional personalization engines may cause additional calls to be made, resulting in increased costs.


Server Calls are broken into Analytics, Target, and Other categories.


  • Analytics includes primary billable server calls from Analytics to Audience Manager. Server-side forwarding will appear here. Analytics calls require the presence of the “d_caller” attribute in the event call to be attributed here.
  • Target includes server-side calls from Target to AAM to retrieve segment data as part of the S2S integration between solutions. Target calls require the presence of the “d_caller” attribute in the event call to be attributed here.
  • Other includes calls from any other website or system (e.g. partner sites, direct server calls), mobile web/mobile app calls via the SDK, DIL, event calls, DCS calls, and more. This also includes calls from Target if set up as a cookie integration rather than S2S. Pixel calls that do not contain the “d_event” parameter will be categorized here.

2) Pixel Calls: Pixel calls are the second type of activity Audience Manager charges for. When your ad impressions are tagged, a call is made when that ad is served to a targeted user.

3) Ingested Log Files: Ingested log file records are the third type of activity Audience Manager charges for – specifically, log files from your ad server. Ad engagement data is collected and ingested into Audience Manager to add performance insights to segments.

4) Onboarded Records: Onboarded Records are the fourth and final type of activity that Audience Manager charges for. This refers to the ingestion of your CRM files or other offline data, like point-of-sale or loyalty information


Calls to adobe target are counted in server calls. The limit of these calls are directly proportional to your server calls which depends on your audience manager license.