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Hi all!

I've been reading about overlap reporting and I've some doubts (in red)

1. Segment-to-trait.

It specifies the number of unique users shared between a particular trait and a segment.  Right?
     1.a Which kind of own trait: rule-based, onboarded or both?

2. Trait-to-trait.

It's only used to show the % of unique users shared betweens the customer's own traits  and the third-party traits . Right?

      2.a Which kind of own trait: rule-based, onboarded or both?
      2.b How I can use this information to increase my reach? Is it by creating new audiences with traits with low overlaping rates , modifying an existing audience including  and "OR operator",  or both of them? Its difficult to me understand this point. Could you help me explaining the differences in these cases (creating or modifying)?

3. Differences
Which are the main differences between segment-to-trait and trait-to-trait segment? I dont understand the adding value between both reportings

Thank you all!

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