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Onboarded traits Total population gone to 0 for Device ID since 17th March


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Hi all


I noticed on 2 different AAM accounts that I manage that all onboarded traits' total population went to 0 on the 17th of March, when we display results for Device ids. (no problem for cross device ids) Did anyone notice the same thing ? How do you explain this drop at this particular date ?


This is a bummer, because when using the BAAAM tool or General reports, we get the trait population based on device id and not cross device id, so every onboarded traits have 0 population.


2020-04-01 13_00_58-Adobe Audience Manager _ View Trait.png


If you have any solution to get the cross device id in the reports, don't hesitate to share


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Hi there,


I have noticed that too, device IDs report in case of onboarded traits is not accurate these days. It shows some unique trait realization in device reporting, but the total trait population is always 0.

It's been like that since October or November last year.

It's better to create a segment out of that trait and rely on segment for device IDs reporting.


Could you also report that issue to Adobe client care.



Varun Kalra


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Hi, I'll create a ticket to Adobe client care, thanks for your answer!