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My Destination loses profiles when sent to Facebook destination.


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I created a Segment and when I send it to Facebook I have a smaller match of profiles than when I try to do an automatic manual load on Facebook.


What could I do to lessen this impact?

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@caiqueaccpasquale Hello, difficult to say for sure without taking a closer look so it might be worth raising a Support ticket so we can investigate this further.


I'm guessing you are using the Peole-Based Facebook destination? This could be something to do with the setup of the destination itself but the number of IDs recognized in AAM will also depend on the ID synchronization you have done between your own 1st party IDs and the corresponding hashed email addresses


See this documentation

People-Based Destinations bring the notion of Shareable Audiences to Audience Manager. This metric helps you understand how many of the hashed email addresses Audience Manager can share with the destination platform.


.. again, a Support ticket would be best for a proper investigation 



Hey @caiqueaccpasquale 


This might be possible if the facebook URL has not been fired at the time of segment qualification which will lead to low match rate at facebook's end.

You can verify the same by qualifying the segment criteria & check in network tab whether the Facebook URL has been fired or not also you can ask support team to verify the same by using API calls.



Prabhat Upadhyay