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Impressions, Creative [by Individual]


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New to Audience Manager and wrestling with how to produce the output below.  Peculiar request and need help.  (Apologies in advance for the simplicity of this question).  Feel like I'm clearly missing something.


Required Output  " I want to see who (individuals, not segments) were exposed to which message (display creative).


Confirmed the following (my checklist to validate this exists):

* Display media pixeled - yes.

* Have AAM identifiers - yes, AAM UUID, ECID, CID.


I don't think the output (by individual) CAN be produced, rather by Segment.  Can you help?







* Confirmed I have UUID | ECID MID | CID


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Well, PII is not allowed in AAM, so you're not really going to know "who" was exposed to which creative.

Instead, if you want to be able to market a certain way to the people who were exposed to a creative, then that is right up AAM's alley.

If you want more information about capturing media data, you can see some documentation HERE.


As an alternative, talk to an Adobe rep about Real-time CDP, which does allow for PII, and it might get you closer to WHO is seeing certain creatives/campaigns.