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Help Required - Retargeting Email With AAM


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Hi all,


We're planning to launch 2 Use Cases for email retargeting using our Audience Manager Account.

We proceeded to the CRM onboarding, and our CRM lists are sent to Audience Manager on a daily basis through a campaign workflow (using a shared audience box).

Our 2 segments for email retargeting are well populated with a matching between Declared Id and Online behaviors (based on analytics traits).


However, we're a bit concerned about the delay - here's what we want to do:

- Target the audience attached to that segment, but only for the unique customers that came to our website during the last 3 days
- Export them in a list into campaign
- If they did not receive yet another mail diffusion from one of our business unit, send them a specific diffusion via mail


Where do we manage the "last 3 days" target ?
Is it in AAM - and if yes, how and where ? Is it in Campaign?


Many thanks,


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